• Helps to feed our children God's Word through our wonderful Sunday School program.
  • Allows us to hear the beautiful organ in the capable hands of our organist.
  • Helps provide music and educated instruction via our choir director to guide our talented choir in song.
  • Allows us an administrator so church functions go uninterrupted in supporting God's work in our community.
  • Helps our building stay standing by allowing preventative maintenance.
  • Allows us to support the following local organizations who meet weekly in our building: Al-Anon, NA, AA, Jazzercize, Holy Covenant Church & NCOSPS.
  • Supports the work of the wider Church beyond our walls, changing people’s lives through denominational programs. You can read more at: www.livinglutheran.org/StoriesofFaith

​Your giving HELPS the community of
​Messiah Lutheran Church move forward!

God bless you and thank you for giving at this time and throughout the year.

Here you will find the latest message from the Pastor from the Grace Note, along with his installation video and YouTube links to his sermons.

Sunday School - 4/5

Online Offering / Giving


Join us at 8:30am or 11:00am

Stay connected as Pastor Paul leads us through  Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday.

See the PDF of the order of service below for Palm Sunday, April 5th, as we gather together from within our own homes.

Palm Sunday Lesson 

(more lessons on Youth page)

Pastor Paul's Page

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